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New Years Eve is back…with a Twist!

Posted By on November 3, 2022

Hello, everyone…

Our Second Saturday concert series changed this year to a summer concert series you may have noticed

We ran three concerts in June, July, and August. We are looking to possibly do the same next year so keep us on your radar for events.

We are also changing our format for New Year’s Eve, with a “Twist.”

We will be posting an update soon.

Hope to see you there.

President – Mike

August 13, 2022 Concert at the Shingle Springs Community Center

Posted By on July 29, 2022

This is our last concert for now. Our next scheduled concert will be on New Year’s Eve.

Please keep an eye out here and on our Facebook Page for updates on upcoming events.

Second Saturday Concert – July 9, 2022

Posted By on July 8, 2022

Hello all…

This is is the second of three concerts we are doing at this time…stay tuned for more…