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Family – $20.00 | Business – $50.00

July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017



Shingle Springs Community Center

P.O. Box 11

Shingle Springs, CA  95682


This form is currently available as a printable pdf  on the Membership Page.

Type of Membership
Family             Company
Company Name ______________________
Last Name ______________________ First Name ______________________
Spouses Name ______________________ No. in Family ______________________
Mailing Address ______________________ City ______________________
State ______________________ Zip Code ______________________
Home Phone ______________________ Work Phone ______________________
Cell Phone ______________________ Email Address  


Occupation ____________________________________________________________
Hobbies ____________________________________________________________
Please complete this form, enclose your check for $20.00  (Family Membership) $50.00 (Business Membership) and mail to the Post Office Box listed at the top of this form.  Please do not send cash.




Willing to volunteer with events:  Yes ___ No ___

Willing to volunteer with maintenance:   Yes ___ No ___

If yes, what capacity ______________________________

How would you like to be notified of event?  Mail____, Email ___


The Shingle Springs Community Center is located at
4440 S. Shingle Road, Shingle Springs, CA  95682 (530) 672-7442
Note:  The By-Laws of the Shingle Springs Community Center limit Board of Directors to resident/mailing addresses of El Dorado County.  Memberships outside those boundaries are welcome.